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 All About the Boys / Justin
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Full Name: Justin Randall Timberlake
Nicknames: Curly, Mr. Smooth, Shot, and Bounce
Birth date: January 31st, 1981
Birthplace: St. Jude Medical Center
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: Brown {occasionally bleached}
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Parents: Biological Mother Lynn Harless and Step Father Paul, Biological Father Randy Timberlake and Step Mother Lisa
Siblings: Two half brothers Jonathan and Steven
Religion: Baptist
Shoe Size: 12-12 1/2
Age: 20
Favorite Music: Stevie Wonder,Take 6,Dru Hill,Boyz II Men,and Brian McKnight
Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld
Favorite Food(s): Pasta, Cereal~ Apple Jacks and Oreo O's
Favorite Gift from a Fan: A basketball.
Justin's' Advice to you: "You have to practice your craft if you want it to be the best it can possibly be."
Justin's' favorite N Sync song: "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You," because it is the PERFECT love song. He states "I'm a very spiritual person, so it relates to me."
Favorite Childhood Memory according to mom: "Different guitars, He always dragged around some kind of little plastic banjo or guitar"
Collector's items: Sneakers and Basketball gear.
Star Sign: Aquarius
Favorite type of music: R&B or Hip-Hop
Favorite color: Baby Blue
Car he drives: Mercedes M Class, and now a BMW M roadster...(man....)
Favorite Movies: The Usual Suspects and Twelve Monkeys
Now-a-days, you're most likely to see Justin wearing: Those bandanna's.. He has many in different colors, and I think they're really cool...
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